Wonder Waist Liner by Founder Tess MerrimanCreativity and innovation are the pillars of the Wonder Waist Liner brand, a first-of-its-kind wardrobe accessory concept launched in 2016 by Founder Tess Merriman. 

Tess first began transforming loose-fitting clothing back in high school. Using a range of materials--anything from shoe laces to beaded necklaces--Tess found inventive ways to help cinch her waist for a more flattering silhouette, all of which were only temporary solutions. It was then she realized there was a crucial product missing in the market place. 

Tess saw an opportunity to provide women with a functional wardrobe solution that would allow them to wear loose clothing and still maintain their feminine shape. And so began the development of today's Wonder Waist Liner. 

The Wonder Waist Liner is an addition to your wardrobe that truly transforms loose garments without being seen. It also allows women to get creative with their outfits and make new styles out of old ones!